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Young Investor Matt Hoadley Making Millions in the Real Estate Market

Meet Matt Hoadley, the 20-something financial phenomenon who is bursting onto the scene as a major force in the real estate industry. Using his proven virtual real estate investing method, his company, 24 Home Buyer LLC, is turning profits on properties throughout the U.S. – some he’s never even laid eyes on.

As the CEO of 24 Home Buyer, LLC, Matt cracked the code on selling and buying in this market by harnessing the power of virtual real estate. In just under 14 months, he amassed wealth in the millions, flipping upwards of 30 properties per month.

He shares his real estate hacks and industry knowledge in his Make More Per Deal mentorship program, which has been featured on CBS, the New York Times, and USA Today and holds an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau. At only 25 years old, Matt learned the ins and outs of the real estate game, all while juggling his schoolwork. In fact, during his college days, he went from the gridiron to making cash.

His investments were doing so well that Matt had to choose between his football career and financial success.

Though he loved the roar of the game, Matt turned his passion for the pigskin into a passion for flipping properties. Now, this former college athlete’s empire spans eight states. The 6’4″ Cape Cod native who now calls downtown Miami home says, “I truly believe that if you put your mind to anything, you can get it done.

I spent hours studying new ways to get into realestate with little to no money.” Those studies now paid off to the tune of two uber-successful businesses with a combined value in the eight figures.

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