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Topo Tattoo: The Rising Star of Realism Tattoo Art in New York City

Juan Espinoza, also known as “Topo Tattoo,” is a renowned tattoo artist based in New York City who showcases his art through the technique of realism in each of his works.

He has had the honor of tattooing several figures from the entertainment industry and admits to feeling immensely proud of his strong roots and sense of unity.

Juan’s upbringing was filled with a love for the arts, as his mother used to read to him in a dimly lit environment surrounded by painters, musicians, and photographers. His future as an artist was therefore dictated by his genetics. At a young age, he studied at the Bellas Artes University, where he had many dreams to fulfill. This stage was fundamental in his development as a professional, as he experienced many things that helped him grow to the point where he is today.

Topo has been drawing well from a young age and recognizes that he has a talent for it. However, he knows that this talent would be useless without hard work and dedication to achieve personal success. He is a firm believer that natural talent must be enhanced through learning, dedication, discipline, and a lot of effort. He considers himself a great fan of Van Gogh, Dalí, and Klimt, but his greatest inspiration was his brother Santiago, whom he considers a true artist and a decisive role model in his life. The painter also has a band and takes photographs.

His beginnings in the world of tattooing came at the young age of 18. He gradually perfected his technique, knowledge, and experience until he opened his own studio eight years ago. Everything took an unexpected turn when he met the renowned American photographer Phraa Alba, who invited him to enter the “show business” industry. He made a tattoo and showed his talent, which began to make his name run among the most prominent artists of the time.

You can find him on the website, which is the website of the studio where Topo Tattoo works with his colleagues. Some sections of this page show the technique he specializes in.

  • @topotattoo is his personal Instagram profile where you can find several of his works showcasing the high quality of each of his pieces.
  • @laescafandracosmica is his profile where he shares content about the music he creates with his band.
  • @topophoto83 is his photography profile where you can see several of the photographs taken by him.
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