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The Democratization of Financing – Crypto, the Biggest Distribution of Wealth of the 21st Century, With Luis Alvarado, the Founder of Unlimited Leverage

Years ago, when Luis Alvarado, the founder of Unlimited Leverage, first encountered the world of Decentralized Finance (better known as DeFi), he was immediately intrigued by the financial opportunities that the emerging blockchain created for ordinary everyday people.

“Before, people mostly in the U.S. had exclusive access to credit and investing in the financial market,” explained Luis in a recent interview. “DeFi breaks all these barriers and allows anybody from around the globe to invest and generate passive income.”

Nowadays, Luis has built a thriving career as a DeFi investor and investing mentor. Inside the “Passive Income Accelerator” coaching program, this entrepreneur native from Peru teaches students worldwide how to increase their passive income streams using crypto and receive annual returns between 100% to 500%.

For Luis, one of the most fascinating aspects of the growing crypto economy and the blockchain is their global reach. Blockchain technology has democratized access to investing for anyone with access to the internet.

Sitting at the comfort of his condo in Las Vegas, NV, Luis sat for a video interview and reflected on how the crypto economy has revolutionized the world of financing, making investing accessible to all humanity.

It is impossible to question the power of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Today, these technologies are reshaping the global economy and changing how investing works.

From his condo overlooking the streets of Las Vegas, Luis was quick to point out how the digital billboards had been running ads for blockchain-based companies, like and BlockFi, all day long. As Luis explained, this scene has become recurrent in his trips throughout some of the main global city centers.

Undoubtedly, the world is witnessing one of the most significant distributions of wealth in modern history. Being a Peruvian immigrant, these technologies and the opportunities they provide for people outside of the U.S. created immense fascination in Luis when he first dove into DeFi investment.

“As the blockchain technology has created new tools for everyone from around the world to use, I became really interested in DeFi,” said Luis. “Not just because of the higher returns on investment, but also because of how global it is. I was even able to teach my family back home about investing in crypto.”

When Luis began his career in DeFi investment, he had studied for years how to generate passive income through the financial sector. Having witnessed the hardship his parents went through to make ends meet, Luis developed a passion for learning how to manage his money to make it work for him.

“I was fascinated on learning how to turn one dollar into two, into three, into four, and not have to work for the same dollar twice,” said Luis.

Nonetheless, there were multiple shortcomings with investing in the traditional financial sector. As Luis explains, stocks offer limited returns on investment. Moreover, people outside the industrialized, most prosperous nations had reduced access to these economic opportunities.

DeFi has leveled the field and democratized access to high-return investments in recent years. In an unprecedented global redistribution of wealth, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain have given people from any corner of the globe the possibility to yield significant returns even with small investments.

With DeFi, “you can literally start with a little bit of money and see really great returns,” explained Luis. “With the blockchain, anybody, regardless of where they are from, can go ahead and get a wallet, even without having a bank account, and tap into applications that allow them to invest, save funds, and send money.”

Luis has committed to helping others understand the crypto economy and access the benefits of these new financial technologies. Today, at the “Passive Income Accelerator” program, Luis teaches hundreds of people from around the globe how to make their money work for them and gain financial independence.

“These new technologies,” concluded Luis, “will help better humanity, better our economic systems, and help us solve many of the economic problems that the world faces.”

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