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Opinion | Russia's botched war must be ended now – The Washington Post

Regarding the April 10 news article “Russia botched its attack on Ukraine. Here are its greatest blunders.”:

You can be assured that instructors at the U.S. Military Academy and other military academies and war colleges are closely studying the unbelievably fouled-up Russian invasion of Ukraine and incorporating their findings regarding these blunders in their studies on military tactics.
Sadly, the Russians so far have tried to make up for their poor military performance in Ukraine with indiscriminate aerial bombings and long-range artillery attacks that have taken the lives of so many men, women and children.

You can also be assured that Russia’s military leaders will learn from these mistakes and correct them in trying to continue their military operations in Ukraine and possibly undertaking them elsewhere. This is why the invading Russian forces cannot be allowed to regroup and be reinforced and resupplied. This invasion has to be defeated now, before it can regain momentum and ultimately succeed.

Benjamin B. Lacy, Washington
The latest: As the war stretches into its 50th day, Russia is digging in for a drawn-out conflict, with its state media intensifying genocidal rhetoric against Ukraine. Moscow also acknowledged that a key missile cruiser in its Black Sea Fleet suffered significant damage.
The fight: Russian forces continue to mount sporadic attacks on civilian targets in a number of Ukrainian cities. Ukrainian prosecutors have been taking detailed testimony from victims to investigate Russian war crimes.

The weapons: Ukraine is making use of weapons such as Javelin antitank missiles and Switchblade “kamikaze” drones, provided by the United States and other allies. Russia has used an array of weapons against Ukraine, some of which have drawn the attention and concern of analysts.

In Russia: Putin has locked down the flow of information within Russia, where the war isn’t even being called a war. The last independent newsletter in Russia suspended its operations.
Photos: Post photographers have been on the ground from the very beginning of the war — here’s some of their most powerful work.

How you can help: Here are ways those in the U.S. can help support the Ukrainian people as well as what people around the world have been donating.
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