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Miguel Palomino, a high-level tattoo artist based on a lot of effort

Miguel Palomino was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where he developed a love for art from a young age. From a young age, he showed a natural talent for drawing and had a keen eye for aesthetics. Starting with simple drawings in school, he eventually found his passion in graffiti and body art. These early experiences allowed him to begin exploring his creativity and to begin developing his own unique style.

At 17 years old, Miguel made the bold decision to pursue tattooing full time. This was a major turning point in his life and he threw himself into the world of tattooing with passion and determination. Despite facing difficulties in the early stages of his journey, he persevered and continued to hone his skills. He worked in tattoo shops, studying under experienced artists and learning the techniques and skills necessary to become a successful tattoo artist.

Throughout his studies, Miguel had the opportunity to learn from various tattoo studios and travel through the United States and Europe to expand his knowledge and experience. He was able to observe different styles of tattooing, meet new colleagues, and explore the world of tattooing from a new perspective. These travels also allowed him to experience new cultures and to learn from artists from all over the world. He also met valuable colleagues and experienced growth both as a person and a professional.

In 2016, Miguel met his mentor, Emanuele Descanio, and continues to travel to study under him every year. Emanuele has played a significant role in Miguel’s growth as a tattoo artist and has helped him to refine his skills and to develop his own unique style. Miguel has learned many different styles of tattooing, with realism being his favorite so far. He continues to strive for excellence in his work and to never stop learning.

Miguel is the proud owner of two successful tattoo studios in Oklahoma City and Dallas, Texas. He has assembled a team of talented artists and provides a supportive and creative environment for all of his employees. He encourages everyone in his space to keep growing and to never stop learning, and he is a great leader to those around him. He inspires those around him to continuously grow and develop their potential, and has a long-term vision of expanding his art globally.

Miguel’s passion for tattooing is evident in his work and he is dedicated to delivering high-quality tattoos to his clients. He is a true professional and his clients and colleagues recognize him as an excellent person and professional. He knows that the growth in this time was a lot compared to the level he had when he just started in this world and this is thanks to the effort and dedication he applied to be the person he is today. His long-term vision is to continue expanding his art to the whole world so that they know the talent he has when it comes to tattooing, he also wants to continue living new experiences that make him grow as a person and as a tattoo professional. Today he is on a path in which he continues to learn a lot, since it is what is necessary to continue achieving all his goals and objectives.

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