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Jesús Gaskon: The Spanish Tattoo Artist Transforming Skin into Art

Jesús Gaskon, a renowned and talented tattoo artist from Spain, specializes in black and white realism and has a story like few others. Wherever he goes, he showcases his artistic skills because after so many years, art did not come out of him but transformed him, and now his canvas is skin.

Jesús was born in Madrid and from a very young age, he was interested in drawing and painting. When he was old enough, he enrolled in fine arts at the University of Valencia, where he obtained one of the best averages and grades of his class. Given his immeasurable talent, he decided that teaching was the best thing he could do.

However, years after starting his teaching career, he realized that he did not really feel fulfilled. So, looking for new opportunities in life, he became interested in the world of tattoos. In this discipline, he found a way to express his art in works for a lifetime.

Finally, in 2015, he inaugurated his own studio in Valencia with his own resources, and after 4 years and hundreds of satisfied clients, he was contacted by Noble Art, a renowned studio in Valencia, considered one of the best in Spain, with branches in Valencia, Zaragoza, Zurich, and New York.

Jesús Gaskon, a great exponent of black and white realism As an all-around artist, Jesús Gaskon had the opportunity to experiment with trends, but he soon specialized in black and white realism. With this style, he discovered his true power to create original designs and extraordinary compositions for his clients.

Being a specialist in black and white realism, a highly demanded trend in Europe, has allowed him to visit countries such as Germany, Belgium, and Zurich. In these countries, he is constantly invited to collaborate with local artists to put his personal stamp on beautiful works.

Since his services are highly sought after, to be tattooed by Jesús Gaskon, it is necessary to contact his managers, who arrange an appointment with the clients. Subsequently, they meet to create the design, and finally, in a subsequent appointment, they carry out the tattoo.

With this organized logistics, clients obtain a better experience and satisfaction with the final result. To see his work, you can follow him on his Instagram account @jesusgaskon.

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