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Latin Takes the Tattoo World by Storm with Micro Realism Technique

Esteban Correa, also known in the tattoo industry as JECOART, has become a master in the micro-realism tattoo technique at a young age and with a relatively short amount of experience. This technique allows for realistic and highly detailed tattoos to be transformed into minimalist and small designs without losing their visual impact, sharpness, and quality. Among these designs, one can opt for tattoos with a particular touch: black and white.

Jeco began this process at the age of 18 when he decided to set up his first home tattoo studio, leaving behind prejudices and opinions and following his artistic passion and love for this art form. In a short amount of time, he realized that tattooing was what he truly wanted for his life and future.

Jeco’s family, friends, and close acquaintances were his first canvases, helping him identify his preferences and style. One of his first micro-realism tattoos, created during the pandemic, was the mask of the black plague, which garnered attention for its impeccable work. Since then, Jeco has evolved as an artist, improving his techniques and perfection, and delving into the world of pet micro-realism, which made him a trendsetter in Medellín, Colombia.

Thanks to this style, he has received invitations from many tattoo studios around the world, including Circa Tattoo in Barcelona and Piopistol in Germany, where he has been a guest artist. He will soon be a guest artist in other studios in Europe, but he continues to work constantly to improve and make this technique a global trend, as well as to take on large projects like teaching other artists to perfect their skills and improve their technique.

Jeco’s talent, dedication, passion, and great artistic ability have led him to success. He will continue to conquer new territories and leave his mark on all his followers. He has an Instagram profile, @jecoart, where you can see several of his works and his application of micro-realism tattoo technique. His vision for the future is to continue expanding his art to other parts of the world and to live experiences that will help him grow both personally and professionally. He knows that there is still a long way to go in his learning process, but he is grateful for being recognized by his colleagues as a great professional and tattoo artist. He considers it a great honor to be invited to other tattoo studios to showcase his technique.

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