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From Bankruptcy to Real Estate Success: Gonzalo Lopez Journey in the US

Gonzalo Lopez, born in Venezuela, spent 17 years in various roles in the petrochemical industry, being a passionate advocate of freedom and building time for family. Gonzalo is now a licensed real estate advisor in the state of Florida and in the past 3 years, he has helped over 220 families achieve their home ownership goals. He is the creator of the “Soy Tu Realtor Pro” brand, a way of making real estate more human and educational, and “Vision Pronopoly,” a system that goes beyond real estate by teaching how to play Monopoly in real life, transitioning from the game board to reality and helping to create financial security and freedom.

In the United States, Gonzalo transformed himself both personally and professionally after facing financial difficulties, going from an employee on the verge of bankruptcy to a real estate investor. In 2022, during the peak of the Florida, USA housing inventory crisis, he started over 20 construction projects to help improve the housing deficit and offer families a path to defend against inflation through Vision Pronopoly and create cash flow-generating assets that allow them to build quality time.

Vision Pronopoly In the United States, the key is to understand the game and then transition from the Monopoly board to reality, understanding the real rules, traps, how to avoid them and how to obtain the resources to build and win in real life.

Vision Pronopoly extends beyond real estate, it is about understanding the investment system, buying and selling properties, rental income, tax deductions, all towards the main goal of financial freedom for each individual who takes it on.

600 families advised, 4 conferences, and over 220 Hispanic families who have fulfilled their dream of having a home in the United States, speaks to the great impact that Gonzalo’s short career and professionalism has had, spreading hope to many families to live in a world of true freedom.

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