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Fitness Mentor Chris Bradley Shares Top Business Tips

Chris comes from a humble but proud working-class background, where his mother raised only him and his two brothers. Despite leaving school with no grades, he was determined to pave his way, and becoming the first in his family to obtain a mortgage was a significant first step. From there, he built a successful six-figure personal training business and gym, positively impacting the lives of thousands of people. Now, he is delighted to share his knowledge and experience mentoring other personal trainers to do the same.

 He recently bought a villa in Spain with his fiancee Cheryl and with a track record of helping over 170 personal trainers love their jobs by 2022, doubling and even tripling their income, he is excited to help another 500 more trainers in 2023. His book ‘ Fitness Business Mastery launches February 28 with Chris’ goal of becoming a best-selling author. The book is an accumulation of nine years of learning, resources, lessons, and breakthroughs to dramatically improve personal training standards in the industry by giving trainers the tools to turn their passion into a highly-paying profession. It is guaranteed to save you years of guesswork.

He is incredibly proud of the transformation he has made from a working-class kid to a successful business mentor and author and is humbled by your interest in working with him due to his close and down-to-earth nature. He is a true believer that hard work and over-dedication to help people have been the key to his success thus far. He feels very proud of the process he went through, which made him the person he is today, since this process was full of effort and experiences that made him grow as a person.

Long ago he made the gesture of making a donation of £6,300 to Child Poverty UK Charity which is London’s anti-child poverty charity, dedicated to alleviating the impact of poverty on children and young people living in the capital. In addition, some time ago he also had the opportunity to buy a villa in Spain and these are some of the events that he considers his achievements, other of his achievements are having written a book as well as having opened a gym to later make it grow and sell it.

His short and long-term goals are, for example, in 2023 to help more than 500 coaches grow in their environment, as well as to record an audiobook version of the book. As well as organizing large events in Spain in which he can invite his clients to learn more about him and the businesses in which he undertakes.

Step into the world of fitness and business with Chris Bradley, the man behind the brand. Follow him on Instagram at @thecoachesmentor for an inside look at his life as a fitness business mentor and CEO of The Upgraded Coach. Scroll through his feed for inspiration, insights, and a glimpse of the latest fitness trends.

On Facebook, connect with at Facebook The Upgraded Coach, where Chris and his team share valuable resources, success stories, and motivational messages. Join the community and stay upto date with the latest news and events, and interact with other fitness enthusiasts and business owners.

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