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Features archive from Economia

In this section you can read some of the best features that were published in ICAEW’s monthly magazine, Economia.

A leading Dutch academic has criticised the way auditors are being treated by politicians and the media.

A more rigorous approach to what is presented as evidence in a business context needs to be adopted.

Here are some issues to look out for when approaching a professional partnership
Almost a fifth (18%) of bosses at the UK’s biggest business have an accountancy qualification
Accountants are putting in too much overtime, with one in 10 working seven days a week
A new global survey finds that 37% of EY staff have to wear a suit at all times
The rules for staff at the Big Four and the UK’s biggest firms.

The pros and cons of a career in accountancy or business
An examination of the qualities needed to make it as a big firm partner.

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