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Facundo Gil: From Argentina to LA, the Extraordinary Tattoo Artist

Facundo Gil, a 28 year old professional tattoo artist from Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba-Argentina, has been making waves in the tattoo industry since 2014. Despite not being naturally skilled in the art, he began his journey in the industry at the age of 19, driven by his passion for the profession. He has since accumulated vast experience and developed his skills to become the accomplished tattoo artist he is today.

Facundo’s success in the industry did not come easy, but with persistence and dedication, he has climbed the ranks to become a recognized name in the industry. With fierce competition in the tattoo industry, one must be continuously learning and experimenting with new techniques to remain relevant. Facundo has participated in several exhibitions both in Argentina and internationally, earning numerous awards and recognition for his exceptional work.

Recently, Facundo has been invited to several international tattoo events, including INKPACT TATTOO GALLERY and CONNECTART in Porto Alegre, Brazil, BLACK SHIP BCN in Barcelona, Spain, SACRED GOLD TATTOO in London, United Kingdom, DUBLIN INK in Dublin, Ireland, NORTH OF WINTER in Manchester, United Kingdom, DER GRIMM in Berlin, Germany, and ANTIEK TATTOO in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he has showcased his talent and left a lasting impression.

Facundo’s ultimate dream was to live in the United States of America, where many of his tattoo industry idols reside, and where the industry is more significant than anywhere else in the world. His dream became a reality in late 2022, where he was recognized as an “extraordinary artist” in the country. He currently resides in Los Angeles and is planning to participate in numerous events both within and outside of the country.

Facundo takes immense pride in his work and enjoys his profession with passion. He has an Instagram profile,, where he displays his exceptional skills and high-quality work for the world to see. Facundo Gil is an inspiration to young people aspiring to follow their dreams and achieve success in their chosen field.

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