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Dr. Craig Taylor and Dr. Cliff Taylor, the Owners of Taylor Chiropractic and Wellness, Hosted The Grand Opening of Their Newest Location

This past Thursday, June 9, Dr. Craig Taylor and Dr. Cliff Taylor, the owners of Taylor Chiropractic & Wellness, have hosted the official grand opening of their newest clinic at Inman Park/O4W.

Dr. Craig and Dr. Cliff extended the invitation to this special gala to members of the Taylor Chiropractic & Wellness family, friends, patients, relatives, and residents of the surrounding community. These two chiropractors expressed their excitement about the possibility of commemorating the milestone of opening their second Atlanta location, along with the people who have supported them in their years-long careers.

“We are expecting around 150 people or maybe more,” said Cliff prior to the grand opening event. “It’s going to be a big party. We are bringing a bunch of vendors and giveaways. Also, we will have drinks, food, raffles, and t-shirts.”

Over the past years, Dr. Craig and Dr. Cliff have built one of the leading chiropractic brands in the Atlanta metropolitan area. At their locations in Buckhead and Inman Park/O4W, the Taylor Chiropractic and Wellness team offer a holistic treatment that encompasses chiropractic therapy, nutritional supplementation, X-rays, and physical and massage therapy. To this day, with their hands-on approach, these two Atlanta-native chiropractors have aided thousands of patients to reach a pain-free life.

On the day of the grand opening, Dr. Craig and Dr. Cliff could not hide their excitement about the inauguration of their newest location, at 629 Highland Avenue NE Suite C.

During the event, the two brothers offered attendees a day filled with catered food, music, and tons of give-aways. For them, the opening gala was the conclusion of months of planning, construction, and a fair dose of bureaucracy.

“All the construction of the new facility took about six to eight weeks, but all the process leading up to it took six months,” commented Cliff. “Getting all the permits completed with the city of Atlanta can take a very long time. Plus, you have to get all the architectural designing, the plumbing, the electrical, and so on.”

The Taylor Chiropractic & Wellness’s new two-story location was filled with attendants during the grand opening event. Dr. Cliff and Dr. Craig shared the minute-by-minute of this event with their followers on Instagram and other social media platforms. With raffles and giveaways, the two chiropractors expressed their gratitude to the people present, many of whom have been Taylor Chiropractor & Wellness patients for several years.

At the Taylor Chiropractic & Wellness Inman Park location, the local community will have access to the highest quality chiropractic care, physical therapy, medical weight loss services, and auto-injury rehabilitation services. Dr. Cliff and Dr. Craig equipped their newest location with top-edge technology to diagnose and treat a wide range of spinal conditions including ligament and structural injuries.

For years, Dr. Cliff and Dr. Craig have worked with thousands of patients throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area, helping them find and address the root of their symptoms. Today, as the Taylor Chiropractic & Wellness Inman Park location starts operating at full capacity, these two brothers, along with great staff, desire to impact more people, allowing them to attain a life free from pain.

By Juan Sebastian Restrepo,  
With Artistic Initiative Agency

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