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Renting Can Be A Frustrating Process – Rentberry Makes It Easier For Tenants And Landlords Alike

If you’ve ever tried to rent an apartment or any other property, you know first-hand how frustrating the process is. There’s almost no transparency, and the renter is essentially at the landlord’s mercy. This can be especially anxiety-inducing if you are in a time crunch to find your next home.

At the end of the day, tenants are eager for unambiguity and want to save valuable time, whereas landlords want to lease to quality tenants at the highest price. Existing online platforms like Zillow, Trulia or RentPath do not meet any of the above needs. These websites have outdated features with an absence of transparency when it comes to application processes, and that’s even if the platform is complete, to begin with.

Rentberry could be the solution. Rentberry is an online rental platform that streamlines the entire long-term rental process. This eliminates the need for middlemen like agents and brokers that ultimately add more complications than help. The platform is simple and intuitive, and Rentberry offers landlords and tenants a contact-free, transparent and automated means of renting properties.

It works like this: tenants select a property they like, then they are able to analyze the competition. On Rentberry, an applicant can see how many offers have been submitted for a listing as well as other pertinent information. For example, a potential tenant can see whether a competing applicant has offered higher monthly rent, is a smoker, has roommates or pets, and more. By providing renters with this information, Rentberry gives them more power to negotiate and choose their properties wisely.

A tenant can then submit an application, upload all necessary documentation, and if they are approved by the landlord, there is a lease eSign option. From there the rental property is managed digitally through Rentberry. Everything is done in one place, saving both parties time, money and stress.

Rentberry aims to be a one-stop shop for all renter needs – the platform allows tenants to make monthly payments, request maintenance and communicate with the landlord. Plus, if and when a tenant decides to change properties, their previously saved information is ready to be plugged into a new application. Rentberry understands the importance of simple organization and systems that foster a healthy tenant-landlord relationship.

With workforces now more mobile after the shift to work-from-home, demand for renting is only increasing and the need for an intuitive rental platform is higher than ever. Not only is renting popular among millennials, but high mortgage rates are pushing homeowners back onto the rental market. Approximately 41% of Americans, 56% of Swiss, and 40% of Germans choose to rent versus buy. And simply put, larger players like Zillow may not be creating a satisfying experience when it comes to the rental process. But Rentberry is, and it plans to lead the pack on innovation.

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