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CEO Sphere: La startup de educación en línea liderada por Alek Angelov y Robbie Murray se propone ayudar a mil millones de emprendedores

Personal Story: How Alek Angelov and Robbie Murray Created CEO Sphere

More than two years ago, Alek Angelov was struggling to find a clear direction for his online brand.

He sought help from Robert Murray, who already had a successful brand and a great online presence. During their discovery call, Alek realized that Robert was an expert in branding but lacked expertise in sales. As a solution, Alek suggested an exchange of services, which they both agreed upon.

After working together for a month, it became clear that they shared the same values and mission – to help one million people live a financially stress-free life by posting content online. They founded CEO Sphere, an internationally recognized educational institution that teaches sales, marketing, and branding. Today, they have amassed over 700,000 followers across social media and have helped over 1500 students thrive in business.

Their Business: How the Idea Arose and Their Present State

Both Alek and Robbie know what it’s like to start from nothing, with no education or money. Alek went to university with only $140 and had to work seven jobs to afford his education. He lost $12,000 after starting his business, which left him back at square one. On the other hand, Robbie left school with nothing and had to rebuild his life from scratch. After dedicating six years to re-educating himself, he found a passion for education and wanted to pay it forward to others.

They noticed a real need for high-level education at an affordable price, something that they didn’t have earlier in their lives. This led them to create a community for young entrepreneurs to learn essential skills to build an online business. Today, they reach over 15 million entrepreneurs every week on social media and provide daily actionable education for free, aside from having premium services to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses to 7+ figures.

Their Achievements

Alek has over seven years of experience in sales and marketing, has spoken at Harvard Business School, and has worked with multi-billion-dollar companies. He has also been recognized with the Crea Award alongside names such as Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Richard Branson. To learn more about Alek, you can visit his Wiki page.

Robbie has over ten years of experience in branding and marketing and has worked with multi-billion-dollar brands such as HSBC, J.P. Morgan, and Citi. He has over 500,000 followers on social media, has mentored over 1000 students, and built a TikTok audience of 30,000 in under one month. To learn more about Robbie, you can visit his Wiki page.

The Vision of the Company and Next Steps

Their vision is to go from helping one million entrepreneurs to one billion, becoming the greatest online university for young entrepreneurs looking to live a financially free life by posting content. Alek and Robbie organize a free masterclass every month to help entrepreneurs start and scale their online audience and business.

To claim their best free resources and stay informed about the next masterclass, you can visit their website at CEO Sphere is an example of how two people with a shared mission and values can create a successful business and make a significant impact on the lives of many.

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