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Cale Holland Generates Attention From Major Record Labels

LA-based artist Cale Holland has been experimenting with music since he was in high school, and he wanted to switch up his sound this time around completely. 

He started his journey with music at the end of his high school career. What began as an interest in hip-hop with influences such as Lil Wayne and The Gorillaz changed to a fusion of genres after he moved to Los Angeles from Jacksonville, FL in 2017. With more current influences such as Dominic Fike, BrockHampton, and Omar Apollo, he’s creating a more dynamic and innovative sound. Cale’s unique sound sets him apart and is sure to captivate the music industry.

Cale decided to take down his previous music to reinvent his sound, and then emerged with his breakthrough single “Because” in 2021. He’s planning to release a few singles which will lead to his debut project, set to release at the start of 2022. The new music is full of hits, blending Pop and Alternative with slight hints of Rock and Hip Hop. He writes and co-produces all of the records, primarily out of his home studio. Cale is on track to sign with a major record label and has garnered the attention of multiple media outlets.

How has this style evolved from the release of your three previous songs? How do you see your music evolving in the future?

This style is definitely more progressive and a bit more edgy than my past releases, there’s more hard-hitting delivery and wordplay. More energy. My new music is sounding amazing and has progressed even since Here I Was. It’s more alternative, but all together, my new music will be all over the place. The writing is getting better, and the production is also stepping up.

What is it like moving from Florida to LA to focus on your career? Do you find it easier to be creative living in a place where the music industry so heavily dominates?

Yes definitely. LA is a lot more accepting of artists than Florida. I was able to garner a bigger support system here, which is great to have and helps me keep pushing.

How did you know so young that this was the right career for you? Did you ever have any doubts?

I’ve had my doubts. I’ve jumped around from a couple of other arts forms, but I knew that music was what I was made to do when I looked back and realized how heavily I had always studied music and my favorite artists. It was pretty much an obsession, I couldn’t listen to people talk if a song I liked was playing. Also, hearing a song back for the first time is one of the most satisfying feelings to me.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Working on new ideas and concepts. I draw my inspiration either progressive/fresh music or just from myself. Sometimes I don’t feel as inspired, but as soon as we make a new beat or start something new, it starts up.


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