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BK: Behind The Scenes of A World Renowned Tattoo Artist

Who is BK? He is a well known tattoo artist hailing from South Korea. 

He has been tattooing for about 12 years. He started learning to draw in elementary school and became a master at 17 years old. 

After a long break from art he picked up a pen again and started drawing and learning about tattooing because his brother thought he could be the next big thing in the tattoo world. 

He had all the potential to make art his main income.

Doing art again made him become passionate about drawing and tattooing, although there were difficulties learning to tattoo and growing as an artist because it was still looked down upon in South Korea . At this time Tattooing was taboo, but today it is slowly becoming more accepted by society. 

BK hopes that tattoo culture can be normalized nationwide so that current and future artists can comfortably work and proudly announce being a tattooist as a career. 

He moved to Seoul, South Korea on his own to teach himself how to draw and build experience. 

Over time tattooing and building a portfolio translated to the growth of an audience from all over the world. He quickly became popular as more people showed interest in his style of tattoos.

 His tattoos are his signature sketch influenced look which are completely unique to his own style. 

Many of my clients find him while searching for the raw design he portrays in his pieces . He is frequently told how he is admired because of the style of his tattoo wings. 

His opinion has become so relevant that he was asked to Judge many tattoo conventions in South Korea. 

He aspires to keep honing his  craft and create unique pieces that both he and his clients can admire. As of now he wants to share the art of tattooing in South Korea to become for accepted and inspire the new upcoming generation of artists for the future of tattooing  worldwide.

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