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Arty: Behind The Scenes of A World Renowned Tattoo Artist

Born in Ukraine, ARTY has always combined his life with visual art.  Drawing since childhood, while studying at the university he was fond of photography and even launched a clothing brand with his own designs.  

In 2013, inspired by the growing popularity of dotwork tattoos, ARTY began created his own  style.  While learning to sketch he received many requests from people to mark these drawings on their bodies, so he tried… And from that moment on, tattooing became his ultimate passion of his life.

From the very beginning of his career, the main direction for ARTY was graphics.  During his journey, he studied the drawing of various objects, used a large number of techniques, and experimented with colors.  Through all his practice, he became an expert of botany which requires great attention to detail, precise fine line work combined with soft shading and the perfect use of black. 

Arty’s rare gift led him to creating sketches by utilizing muscle anatomy, the key to the beauty tattoos . His techniques were not only beautiful and relevant but most importantly timeless.

 One of the most important turning points in his career happened during a tattoo convention “Tattoo Collection Ukraine” where he discovered the technique of using a gray wash to create an incredibly deep shadow effect, making ARTY’s

tattoos instantly recognizable. He developed his signature style and people all over the world took notice.

After his first visit to Vaders Dye in Hamburg, he began to be invited to various well-known studios:  Hood7, Pardon Paris, Der Grimm, Ink District Amsterdam, and Sashatatooing Studio Barcelona as a guest artist.  

This allowed him to travel around Europe and Asia collaborating and sharing experiences with top artists such as, _Johnmonteiro, Riqueinglez,, Mafupoke, Nhea.ttt 

 He also cooperates with several fashion brands, one of which is the Ukrainian nothing-holy, which uses his sketches in the design of its products.

 In 2021, ARTY managed his studio in Kyiv where ten masters worked.  He took on 3 students, complete beginners who knew nothing about tattoo artistry and turned them into well-known artists who have created their own buzz in the tattoo community.

 Unfortunately, the Russian war in Ukraine made it impossible to provide safe conditions for artists and guests, so ARTY decided to move.

 Now his path leads back to Hamburg.  His main place of work is now Hood7 however he still travels to work all over Europe.  

You can learn more about Arty here:

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