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Antonio Delgado, CEO of Levelz Barbershop: the humble barber who turned his talent into a successful business

Antonio Delgado is a talented barber who retired at the age of 32 thanks to the success of his business. Born in Camden, New Jersey, into the nucleus of a humble family with a single mother of 5 children, he managed to change his destiny to one of wealth and knowledge for future generations of his family. He is currently the owner of Levelz Barbershop, a multiple barber shop and a major real estate investor.

Antonio Delgado was awarded the BARBERSHOPCONNECT “Most Inspirational Barber in 2018″ award thanks to his story and great talent. Now a celebrity in New Jersey, he has a successful website that he uses as a catalog to showcase the results of the work done at his locations.

The Levelz Barbershop concept in the words of Antonio Delgado.

“The Levelz Barbershop experience is barbershoping at the next level…!” When Antonio created the concept of his barbershop he was looking for an integral and different service. Thanks to this Levelz Barbershop is not a normal barbershop. According to Antonio “it’s a place where music is worth listening to and where everyone can proudly let their individuality shine through”.

Antonio Delgado barbershop services include treatments for men, women and children. Also included are cuts, color, razor shaves, shampoo massages and even facials. This makes the Levelz Barbershop experience unique.

To learn more about Levelz Barbershop’s services visit as well as their social networks @levelzbarbershop and that of its creator @tonecutz716.

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