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911 Season 6 is not back in December 2022

The last episode of 2022 aired last week. There isn’t going to be a new episode in December, but when will the series return?.

If there’s one thing 911 fans deal with, it’s a long winter break. However, we are used to an episode in December, usually with a Christmas or Santa theme. That’s not the case this year.
There isn’t going to be a new episode of the first responder drama on in December 2022 at all.

The Nov. 28 episode was the fall finale, and FOX made sure we knew all about that. Now eyes are on when the new episodes will return.

We have a long wait on our hands. FOX has not confirmed when we’ll get the series back on the air. We know it’s happening at some point in 2023, but we don’t have an exact date.

This wait is normal. The show takes a long break to make sure all remaining episodes have time to film. It helps to prevent an on-off schedule that many other shows face. We usually get the new episodes at the end of March, running us through to May. There are nine episodes of the season left to air.

If you’re afraid of missing out on crazy calls, don’t worry. 911will return in January. It is a little later than normal and will be back on a different night, but at least we have the 126 to fill the gap the 118 leaves.

Then in March, we’re expecting the shows to run together. Hopefully, Lone Star will return to Mondays and we’ll get a night of 911 drama on Mondays. We’re also hoping for some crossovers between the two shows.

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